It could be difficult entering physical therapy schools, especially when you have no idea about it. Despite having a good score, it doesn’t assure you of gaining admission into the physical therapy schools in the U.S. Still, you can find it easier to enter these physical therapy schools if you could get things right in any of the universities of your choice.

Furthermore, physical therapy is also known as physiotherapy, which happens to be one of the recognized health professions for easing pain and making people live better. Also, a physical therapist is a trained individual with a license to diagnose physical abnormalities, maintain physical function, restore physical function, and promote physical activity.

Easiest Physical Therapy Schools in 2022

1. University of Delaware:

It is ranked number 1 of the best physical therapy schools in the United States and is a private-public research university in Newark, Delaware. There are three associate programs for various students, such as 148 bachelor’s programs, 121 master’s programs, and 55 doctoral programs across different colleges.

The department of physical therapy in this university aims to advance the method of offering physical therapist practice in outstanding entry-level and post-graduate education, quality clinical services, and many others. Also, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education gave the physical therapy of University of Delaware accreditation.

2. University of Pittsburgh:

It is the second-best physical therapy school you will get to find in the United States. Globally, they have recognition in rehabilitation and disabilities education, community service, and research. In addition, the school educational curriculum can withstand other top physical therapy schools in the world.

They have academic excellence in clinical education and multidisciplinary research. Over the years, the university has been projecting a way to assist people of different ages and stages of life in countering mobility challenges, movement, and function. The Accreditation Review on Education has given the university accreditation on physical therapy practices.

3. Creighton University:

In 1892, Creighton University was a graduate medical school in Omaha, Nebraska. In 2012, the school launched a satellite campus at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Centre in Phoenix. Freshers are introduced to fill pre-clinical courses in Omaha, and 42 third-year students finish their clinical rotations in Phoenix.

However, if you meet their education requirements, you can apply to study physical therapy in this school. Their certificate allows you to work in top health sectors in the United States of America. In addition, the Council of Pharmacy Education has accredited Creighton University for physical therapy education.

4. Washington University in St. Louis:

The university is a private institution with its main campus at St. Louis County and was founded in 1853. Washington University is advancing in different services such as outstanding clinical care, human health, educating tomorrow’s leaders, integrating interdisciplinary research, etc.

The university has made many contributions pioneering a unique and movement-based approach to physical therapy. Besides its high reputation in physical therapy, it is ranked as the fourth-best physical therapy school, and the Higher Learning Commission has accredited Washington University for physical therapy.

5. Emory University:

It is a renowned physical therapy school in Atlanta, Georgia. The Methodist Episcopal church happens to be the founder of Emory University, and they named it to pay tribute to the Late Bishop John Emory. As a result, many students who want to pursue physical therapy as their profession has considered the university as their best option. 

In this school, there is something that makes the program promotes things like creativity, humanity, and reflectivity while building the self-confidence of students into outstanding professionals. Their fundamental aim is to improve the well-being of individuals through exemplary leadership using physical therapy education. 

6. Northwestern University:

The university is another private research college for physical therapy training in Evanston, Illinois, founded in 1851. The physical therapy department happens to be one of the wealthiest educational environments for domestic and international students to acquire training in physical therapy education.

However, the Northwestern university offers innovative research, excellent teaching, and intellectual growth to its students in various academic communities. Also, the Higher Learning Commission has accredited the Northwestern university to provide physical therapy education to students.

7. University of Iowa:

The University of Iowa offers physical therapy education training to students, and it is a public research institution founded in 1847. It happens to be one of the oldest universities in the United States. The university is recognized for providing a unique learning environment in a serene medical, educational center.

The department of physical therapy comprises faculty members dedicated to clinical educators. Also, scientists are embracing the department goal to help advance humankind. As a result of the faculty members transferring excellent skills to students, they become vast to handle various health care challenges.

8. MGH Institute of Health Professions:

No way you want to count physical therapy in the United States without listing the MGH Institute of Health Professions. It is a private-based school emphasizing health science located in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1977, the Massachusetts General Hospital saw the need to establish a physical therapy school.

Here, the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program in the university helps physical therapist students successfully resolve complex health care challenges. On the other hand, it emphasizes analytical thinking, lifelong learning, and collaborative team-based care. The New England Commission of Higher Learning Education has accredited the MGH Institute of Health Professions.

9. U.S. Army-Baylor University:

It is a military physical therapy school located in San Antonio, Texas, and it is the center for military medicine. When students are done with their physical therapy education, they obtain a doctoral degree from Baylor University. You don’t have to be in the U.S. military to apply for admission into the school.

Presently, the class size is 26 students, and each of the students has to complete 124 semester hours in clinical education and didactic during the physical therapy program. Also, the Commission of Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education has given the school accreditation.


If you have been thinking of the most accessible physical therapy schools to enter in 2022, you can choose any of the schools here to pursue your physiotherapist career. First, however, you must ensure to ask for the school admission criteria in everything.

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