Korea National University of Arts

The school has fully funded scholarships for students in over 142 countries, and it includes both bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. Any applicant having an interest in the scholarship must be a high school graduate or from a reputable university by February 28, 2022. The Korea National University of Artshttps://www.karts.ac.kr/en/main.do Scholarship covers different things such as return tickets, medical insurance, tuition fees, monthly allowance, and many others.

The good thing about the scholarship, they have a website for applicants to download and fill the scholarship form. You need to have good academic records, artistic talents, strong mental and physical health. One of the major reasons for having these attributes is to be considered eligible for the school scholarship. Also, awaiting results students can apply for this fully-funded scholarship, but they must submit their results before the deadline.

Subject/Field of Study in Korea National University of Arts

There are scholarships available for different subjects in the Korea National University of Arts, such as visual arts, Korean traditional arts, dance, music, and drama. Therefore, if you will be offering any of this course, you will get the scholarship from your first year of study to final year. The main thing is to have the right criteria to qualify for the scholarship. 

You should check the school website or ask the academic officers to have a proper understanding of the things they are after before applying. It will be terrible to apply for the Korea National University of Arts Scholarship without asking questions related to it. If you ask questions, it will help you prepare well for the scholarship.

Eligibility for Korea University of Art Scholarship

Here are the criteria:

  • Your country must be among the selected countries
  • You must be a high school graduate or from a tertiary university
  • If you want to apply for a master’s degree, you must have a bachelor’s degree
  • You must possess outstanding talents and good academic performance
  • You must have good physical and mental health

Required Documents for Korea National University of Arts Scholarship

Korea National University of Arts

The following are the essential documents:

  • Application form
  • Study plan
  • Self-introduction
  • Certificate of previous working experiences
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • Certificate of English or Korean proficiency
  • Official academic transcripts
  • Portfolio

The Korea National University of Arts Scholarship is available for students from 142 countries, and some of these selected countries are Jamaica, Sudan, Namibia, Angola, Kosovo, Costa Rica, Cook Islands, Albania, Jordan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Swaziland, Argentina, Dominican, Niger, and many others. Applicants for the scholarship will be well accessed by their skills, artistic talents, and academic records. 

How to Apply for Korea National University of Arts Scholarship

The procedure for applying for this scholarship is quite simple and it involves downloading the scholarship application form, then fill it by following the necessary guidelines. If at any point, you become confused about the scholarship form, you can check their website to have more info and guidance on how to fill it.

Final Coverage for Korea National University of Arts Scholarship

It is a fully-funded scholarship for international students to have access to free education studying in Korea, and here are the following expenses the scholarship will cover:

  • Monthly allowance
  • Korean language training
  • Tuitions
  • Medical insurance


Korea is a good country to study with lots of cultural diversities and scholarships for worthy applicants. The Korea National University of Arts Scholarship is one of the scholarships you will get to enjoy studying in Korea if you become eligible for it. 

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