If you have a passion for becoming a dentist, you have to be selective concerning the type of dentistry schools you will apply for admission to. It will not be possible to choose the right school without knowing the top dentistry schools. Presently, the demand for dentists is increasing every day, and in the future, it will keep on increasing. Let’s get to know how to become a dentist.

How can you become a dentist?

You will need to obtain a bachelor’s degree before becoming a dentist. Also, it is compulsory to finish four years of dental education in any top dentistry school. After having an undergraduate degree, you will need proper training (internship) and a series of tests to test your ability. The more experience you get will help you become a better dentition with vast experience.

In the United States of America, dentists are one of the highest-earning jobs in clinical science. The entire year of being a professional dentist can take up to 8 years, depending on specialty. The first four years are for an undergraduate degree, while the other four years are for dentistry schools to acquire advanced knowledge. After this, you will get a license to operate as a certified dentition.

Best Dentistry Schools   

In this article, we have the best dentistry schools, and you can enroll in any of them:

  1. Kings College London:

It is one of the top dentistry schools globally, offering 26 indigenous and international students programs. The school has an acceptance rate of 13%, with a total student population of 27,600 from over 150 countries. It is the largest research dental school in the UK that produces 150 dentists annually. The school graduation rate is 73%, and the acceptance rate is 13%.

Suppose operates in a 5-year educational curriculum system and gives students the privilege to gain clinical experiences using world-class facilities. If you are an indigenous student, you are likely to get admitted into the school because the school offers references to indigenes with the right application. For instance, international students pay £43,500 as tuition fees, while residents pay £9,250.

  1. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor:

The school is well known for sporting activities, but it will be among the top dentistry schools in 2022. Before you can get admission into the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, you need an acceptance rate of 29%. The university has different graduate programs for both indigenous and international students.

According to statistics, they have 15 programs for students to enroll in pursuing their dreams and a graduation rate of 91%. The tuition fee for no non-Michigan residents is approximately £51,720, while international students pay a different tuition fee which is higher than UK residents.

  1. University of Hong Kong:

Although the school is one of the oldest dentistry schools, it is prominent for producing dentist graduates. The University of Hong Kong ranks 26th among other prestigious research-led universities. If you are enrolled in the school, you will get a 6-year BDS degree program to get high-level experience.

International students can get to enjoy their excellent postgraduate employments. The school’s good thing is that Anglophone students can understand their lectures since English is the preferred language for teaching. Also, you can have some level of proficiency in Chinese and Cantonese to interact well with patients.

  1. Harvard University:

When it has to do with university rankings, Havard university is recognized in different fields such as Clinical Sciences, Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Law, Education, and many others. At Havard university, dentistry is one of the courses available for students passionate about being a dentist. Also, they have postgraduate courses for international students too.

The acceptance rate into the school is 5%, while the graduation rate is 98%. You will be exposed to learning different things relating to dentistry through an organized educational curriculum. They have a distinctive teaching method that will help their students learn well with different knowledge. The tuition fee for indigenes is roughly £64,350, and they offer 22 programs for students.

  1. University of Pennsylvania:

It will surprise you that you will have the university of Pennsylvania among the top dentistry schools in 2022. The school is making a massive improvement to offer academic excellence to students. Also, they do offer dual degrees for students wanting to get a degree in dentistry and other related courses.

You will obtain different benefits from the school, such as student research programs, hospital internships, and summer scholarships. The essence of these programs is to put you on the right track concerning your dentistry career. The acceptance rate is 9%, while the graduation rate is 96%. Each year, the tuition fee is roughly £71,860 without personal cost or living expenses.

  1. University College London (UCL):

You might want to think why we have University College London on this list, but the reason is not far-fetched. The school offers 15 programs and an acceptance rate of 13.5% for students aiming to get admission. The University College London partners with other foreign organizations, such as the University’s Eastman Dental Institute and the Eastman Dental Hospital, to bring innovation.

The tuition fee depends on the kind of program you want to do, but you need to be aware they don’t offer undergraduate degrees regarding dentistry. Their major focus is on postgraduate and research opportunities for students. The program you are offering plays a vital role in the tuition fee you will pay, and the graduation rate is 94.8.

  1. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill:

Through cutting-edge facilities, the public school is recognized for its different dental and dental hygiene programs. In 2012, the university’s center for Oral Health Science came into existence. The school has many world-class edifices and technology to ensure students get the best education.

To be admitted into the school, you will need to have a four-year university diploma and other pre-dental courses. The acceptance rate for the school is 27%, while the graduation rate is 90%. If you are not a North Carolina resident, you will pay $83,790 as a tuition fee annually.


In this article, these top dentistry schools require you to have good high school qualifications in their institutions. An ideal way is to check the different criteria that will make you eligible for admission. Every school has a website, and it is the easiest way to search for information about any university

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